Ansel Adams Wilderness Astro Landscape

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Re: Ansel Adams Wilderness Astro Landscape

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

I thought the B18 was fine wide open? No real gain to stop down to F3.2.

A tracker is the way to go. Stacking little short exposures is fine with a single image type result but it would become a pain if doing a panorama. The star eater is less of an issue with longer exposures or in this case slight star elongation.

Lovely view. Its all a bit blue though. Was that the beginning of dawn? The night sky is usually charcoal in colour.

I'm jealous of your beautiful location there.


The Batis 18 is very good wide open.  But I have yet to see any lens whose wide-open rendering of stars in the image corner is not improved by stopping down, so my standard aperture is wide-open minus about 1 stop.  It improves the image quality at little or no cost, in my view.

Agree on the benefits of trackers.  I have used the Astrotrac for years and love it, but I was on a 40+ mile backpacking trip and was desperately trying to keep my pack under 35 pounds.

This image was taken in a very dark sky location right before dawn, hence the blue color of the sky -- which is completely natural.

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