Might buy a D700 and 50mm AF-D and 20mm AF-D - some questions

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Might buy a D700 and 50mm AF-D and 20mm AF-D - some questions

Hi guys / gals

I have a new Fuji X100T for my street photography.

This makes my D5300 and 17-50mm F2.8 which I shot at 17mm-35mm a bit redundant. It's a good all rounder especially with that lens but I may well sell my APS-C kit and lenses and get an affordable entry FF body as I like the VF experience, especially with a 50mm. The D5300 VF is horrid and I want to see native lenses at the FOV they are meant to be again etc. I'm sick of the cruddy VF's on such cameras and miss what I used to see through my Pentax K1000!

I am on budget so am thinking of getting the old D700 - I would really be happy with just a nice standard 50mm, probably the 50mm F1.8 AF-D to keep cost down as it reviews well still today and to enjoy some nice slowed down leisurely shooting. Nice FOV for most situations, just relax and not worry about different FOV and work the shot and have that shallow DOF if I want it that is harder to reproduce with APS-C.

Kind of after the same sort of experience I had with old Pentax K1000 and nifty fifty.

Then when have funds my next choice would be the 20mm F2.8 AF-D.

I'm really not into shooting longer than 50mm.

The D700 + 50mm + 20mm would be for things like landscape and general shooting, not street or travel, I'll use the X100T for that.

For example today was a nice after the rain type day so I went and shot some alley ways, streams, arches for grainy B&W photos and the local allotments and some autumnal colour shots for colour photos, that sort of thing. I used my X100T but this is what I would use the D700 for.

1. Is it still a good all rounder with those lenses I mentioned buying for this use.

2. Post your photos to prove it to me! Especially anything done in low light with a nifty fifty or the 20mm (or 24mm prime or 35mm if you like)

What is the max sensible ISO for this camera? Cheers.

3. As many photos (good ones) as you can please!


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