E-mount for Nikon MILC, good idea or not?

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Re: E-mount for Nikon MILC, good idea or not?

dkyl wrote:

Hi Bob,

how far/close are we to curve on demand sensors?

No idea. It's not a matter of theoretical issues, it's a matter of detailed engineering. It wouldn't be hard to make an actuator mechanism that would provide the curve on demand. Then you'd need to make a sensor with enough flex to do it. Maybe a wafer thinned silicon sensor would work, but how long would it last? Even if the silicon structure survived the repeated flexing, would the CFA and microlens layers delaminate? Ensuring a usable lifetime would be a case of prolonged R&D and evaluation, which wouldn't come cheap. Otherwise, it would need a non-silicon sensor, which is a whole new ball game,

The curvature can then be 'matched' to a new lens design.

That'd be worth starting a new mounts for whilst maintaining backward compatibility with existing lenses for flat sensors.

I can't see that there really is much advantage in a curved sensor for a ILC. The only real advantage is that for very simple lens designs, it might relax the design constraints a little, but for high quality lenses it's a matter of making them highly corrected over some arbitrary spheroid rather than a plane, which isn't any easier. Frankly, it's a solution looking for a problem. Interchangeable lens cameras don't have a problem needing that solution. There is a lot of hype, like for instance this:


But when you read through it, the claims (in this publicity piece) don't make much sense. I would think that the claims in the reported paper make sense, but they will be about the manufacturing technique for this sensor.

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