Sony 28mm f2 vs Sigma 30mm f1.4 vs Sony 35mm f1.8 on A6000

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Sony 28mm f2 vs Sigma 30mm f1.4 vs Sony 35mm f1.8 on A6000

This one has been making my head a mess for a while. I do care about sharpness, numbers and scores so if you hate it , just dont bother reading, I know it's annoying. The lens will be used on Sony A6000.

Looking to buy my first prime. It will be all-purpose lens, nothing specific. Gonna list some info and questions, correct me if I'm wrong and answer what you can, will be highly appreciated.

Spent some time searching for a good prime and found that those 3 are the best ones around 500$.

Sigma 30mm f1.4

Advantages : Really fast and good low-light, also the best for portraits cause of f1.4 (?) The sharpest of all 3 lenses (?). Probably has the best defocus/bokeh of all 3 due to f1.4 (?).

Disadvantages : How nasty is the CA? I've read on couple forums that it really struggles with AF when closed to f2, is that fixed or still a problem? And how is the AF in general?

Sony 28mm f2

Advantages Wider than the other 2 (altho that's not a big factor , just a nice plus) Being FF doesn't matter to me since I have no idea whether I will be going FF or not. Well made, I've read that its weather sealed but not sure on that. Native Sony so AF is really fast.

Disadvantages : It's "only f2" which means wont be as good for low light and bokeh. I've read that it has an unique onion like bokeh that is not that pleasant to the eye. Also on "wide" AF, it has really weird glitches and problem where it refuses to lock focus on people and locks on the backround? Was this an issue for someone else here / was it fixed etc ?

Sony 35mm f1.8

Advantages : The only big advantage above the two I see is OSS, while nice in photos , it's mostly for video and video is not my priority at all, just stills. However most people always say its a good lens.

Disadvantages : It's a bit too narrow (35mm). Not as sharp as the other 2 (?)

In general, what are you impressions from those? Looking for tips from people who owned at least 2 of those and made some test shots. Which one produces the best IQ? Why did you prefer one over the other? I know it's a hard to recommend lens cause it depends on what you are shooting and the style of shooting, but please try to help me out in this choice and put my headache to rest. Read almost every topic on the internet about that, looking for some thoughts from the guys here. Thank you in advance!!!

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