Camera settings, asking about

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Camera settings, asking about

So I saw this video by Tony on Youtube about how people should stop asking about camera settings and I was like, yes! somebody finally said it!

However, there has been significant backlash at Tony for saying this, and I don't get it.

I think people who ask for camera settings are either delusional that they can take an equally good photo just by copying the camera settings, OR, don't know what the different settings on their camera do and should learn that information in a more productive and systematic way.

Either way, there is no reason to ask for camera settings. Look, I'm not a good photographer by any means and I don't make any money doing it, but I never felt like I had to ask for camera settings because it is flipping obvious and there is no reason to ask.

Look, I'm just pulling some random images from google:

This one? well looks like long exposure, maybe longer than 1s, probably with ND filter, with ultra wide lens, probably 18mm, ISO at minimum. possibly at hyper focal and very small aperture.

And you know what, if I can go to this exact place at the exact right time, I can immediately take this photo myself. Except finding this place and time is part of the job of a photographer, and an immensely more difficult part. I as an average amateur already nailed the tiny part of figuring out camera settings.

Now check this out,, looks like wide angle lens at medium aperture. relatively slow ss, probably 1/10 or lower, minimum ISO obviously. Also obviously the camera was following the car very precisely most likely they just took a bunch of shots and hoped that one of them comes out sharp because holding still against another moving car is quite difficult. Again, if I am immediately transported to the time and place of this shoot and siting on that leading car, I can dial in the correct settings and take this same photo.

Again, it doesn't mean I'm an equally skilled photographer, it only means I know the basics of how to operate my camera. And you should know that too.

So if you ask for camera settings, there are only two possibilities. Either you're not even at my level yet, in that case what are you doing? Maybe you should just learn what each of those settings do directly, asking for camera settings doesn't help. Maybe read a book, or maybe go fiddle around with your camera, try and see what each setting does.

Or, you are delusional and think you can take this same photo with the same camera settings. It doesn't work, I tried and this is what I got:

See, it didn't work.

Or maybe there is another type of people. People who take photos that aren't very contrasty and just overall seem dull.

You know what I have nothing against you but still, camera settings won't help. There are a number of possible reasons, maybe you don't know how to do post correctly, maybe your lens is not very good quality, maybe you aren't using your lens hood.

But I do know it has nothing to do with the basic lens settings, those do not affect color, contrast, sharpness etc... Well ISO does but it should be obvious that lower ISO=better.

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