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Re: Competitive Choices

Marianne Oelund wrote:

em jo photo wrote:

This thought really pulls us right down to the heart of the matter--namely, that if you criticize the 35G (as I have) you're also criticizing the design strategy that drove the excellent new E primes--the 105/1.4E and 28/1.4E (which I do).

If the 105/1.4E and 28/1.4E have inherited the 35/1.4G design strategy, then it is highly diluted. I find only a vestige of the 58/1.4G and 35/1.4G characters in the E lenses - manifesting primarily as smooth focus transitions - and consider them to have very different applications.

You have misread me, Marianne, or--far more likely--I have been unclear.

I did not mean to suggest, in any way, that the new E lenses inherited aspects of the 35G design, either optically or mechanically.

Let me try that statement you've quoted up there in green, again:

If you criticize the 35G (as I have), you're also implicitly criticizing Nikon for producing the 28E / 105E lenses before updating the 35G (which I do).

Not only do I recognize (and agree with you!) that the current 35G design does not appear to have strongly influence or informed the 28E's execution, but I also wish, deeply, that Nikon had redesigned the 35G with a few of the new E-series prime ideas before applying them to a wholly new 28mm f/1.4 lens.

Why? Because I suspect that the 35mm focal length may get more use by more photographers over a wider variety of photographic disciplines. It's a more important lens for the system. (I could be completely wrong about that, of course. If I am, I would encourage you to correct me.) But if Nikon's argument for producing the 28E before giving us a better fast 35 is that you might successfully enhance or reconsider your would-be-35mm work by reaching for an outstanding 28mm 1.4 instead, I'm not entirely sold it would be a positive or productive shift for me.

(Then again, I'm not a very good photographer!)

Make sense?

If not, no worries. I'll stick to my snapshooting and leave the advanced Nikon lens roadmap shepherding to folks who have a better understanding of the optics and photographic applications involved. Happy shooting!

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