Ansel Adams Wilderness Astro Landscape

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Re: Ansel Adams Wilderness Astro Landscape

MacUser2 wrote:

Nice composition and very good foreground exposure. I might have moved the sharp peak from the center, but that is just my thing.

The lens is exhibiting vignetting (unless you added the vignette in post processing).

I think 15 second exposure is slightly too long, at 100% there are clearly visible star streaks. I looked at several sites for the pixel pitch, but couldn't find it. Assuming it is 4 micron pitch, a better exposure would be 9 seconds.

Thanks -- the pixel pitch of this sensor is 4.51 microns.  I would have thought observing what I thought was a conservative Rule of 300 would give me about 16 seconds on an 18mm full frame, but I agree some of the stars show trailing, so I will try your suggestion on my next outing.  In fact, give the star-eater phenomenon, I might try stacking lots of 3 second exposures, although I think that will only reduce random noise, not improve signal, right?

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