1-ds mk ii - white pinstripes appearing on images

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Re: 1-ds mk ii - white pinstripes appearing on images

Thanks so much for all your responses. Indeed i scoured Google and couldn't really find anyone with a similar issue. The shutter count is just shy of 99000. I checked and it's not unheard of for them to fail at this count but 85% last longer.  In regards to shadow lifting no the lines are visible on unedited images too.  I'm tempted to try a new c.f. card but I wouldn't be optimistic, I'd imagine a problem with it would cause a more obvious issue.

I think you raise a valuable point in regards to viewing distance and whether they'd be visible or not.  Although similarly I'm uncertain as to whether they would still affect the quality of the image even if not immediately visible (smoothness of blacks etc.).  I tried a few test prints at 6x4 of an ISO 100 and ISO 1600 image, fortunately the lines aren't visible.  If the camera continues at this level I think I can keep it going a while aiming to shoot at low iso, but low light is not really possible.  However I suspect it will continue to degrade.  There's one image i shot on the paris metro at 1600 thats particualrly bad.

I can't really afford an upgrade that I would be satisfied with atm (probably a 6d mkii or better, but a student budget isn't photography friendly...), so if it gives up the ghost I'll shoot film for a while (my eos 1v is still my favourite ever camera).  Will probably be a few years before I can upgrade, I'd imagine by then canon will have a range of full frame mirrorless cameras with ef lens mounts, that seems to be the future (hate the digital viewfinders though).

Really sad to see the old boy near the end, this camera's been round the world with me through thick and thin, even a bus hijacking!  Like losing an old friend .

Cheers again.

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