I bought new legacy lenses

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Re: I bought new legacy lenses

Suave wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I once bought a NOS part from the bargain box of a camera store that still had the price sticker on it from anoher store that had ceased business over 25 years earlier.

I once bought, well, not the entire inventory, but a huge chunk of it, and I agree with your general argument, but where I live there're no retail camera stores any longer, the last one closed three years ago or so, and even that catered to high end/pro crowd, so IMO that stock has nowhere to go except to KEH.

I once bought a replacement NOS golf ball head for an IBM typewriter - not that I needed it, but it was a work of art and should otherwise have ended up as land fill.  I passed up on boxes and boxes of typrewiter ribbons for machines that I have barely heard of let alone ever seen in use.  Now if you still had one in use someone was trying to give the ribbons away despertely.  But that was all before eBay opened up a much wider market for useless parts.

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