New Fotodiox PRONTO Leica M to Sony autofocus adapter

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Re: New Fotodiox PRONTO Leica M to Sony autofocus adapter

envnews wrote:

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

envnews wrote:

Isn't the PRONTO supposed to work with ANY manual lens, as opposed to the Techart which would be only for Leica M?

Just about any manual lens can be adapted to Lecia M mount, which in turn fits the Pronto and the Techart...

I use C/Y, Olympus OM, Pentax K, Leica R, Canon FD, Rolleiflex QBM as well as M mount lenses on my Techart.

Thanks did not realize that about the Techart that's very interesting, as I also have a few c/y lenses I would like to adapt with AF.are you happy with it?

Basically yes.

It has some quirks and limitations, but it can be very useful.

Heavier lenses should be / need to be supported by hand (the manufacturer gives 700 grams as the safe limit, but I treat the reputedly delicate mechanism carefully) and I also don't like to walk around very much with the camera hanging from a strap and a heavier lens mounted.

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