EF or EF-M Mount for mirrorless?

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The Fat Fish
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EF or EF-M Mount for mirrorless?

I've seen it discussed many times but I wanted to do a poll to see where the community stands on using an EF mount vs an EF-M mount for Canons full frame mirrorless. Like it or not, mirrorless is coming.

The EF-M mount would offer smaller camera bodies, new lens designs and potentially smaller lenses.

The EF mount's only real benefit (although a massive one) is you could use your existing EF mount lenses. It's also possible we'd see less focus by wire lenses which would be nice.

I've put this in this forum rather than the mirrorless forum as ultimately we are the users who would be making the transition.

Who want's EF and who wants EF-M?

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60.8% 62  votes
39.2% 40  votes
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