Petition against Sony's Star Eater

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Re: Petition against Sony's Star Eater

BBQue wrote:

Esperado wrote:

BBQue wrote:

1. Great astro pictures.... full effect with exposures > 30 sec !

Ok, we had undesrtud. You are here to fight against this petition, trying to minimise the annoyance of this star eater issue by all the ways you can find.

And the >5500 people who asked for this star eater option are wrong, despite it will not take anything away for you.

It looks there is a handle of Sony Fanboys, here, with this strange but typical attitude to take the party of their beloved manufacturer against their own interest of customers. Unless they are not really customers ?

This is the 4th petition (all unsatisfied) and this same strange story happened each time.

You are WRONG. I was one of the first to sign the petition. I am not minimizing it, but I am also not over-dramatizing it.

The milky way photo I linked to is very high quality and shows that it is very possible to get images like this even with star-eater effect.

I am not a "Sony-fanboy", whatever that means. I use whatever camera gives me the best results. Had Canon, Olympus, Hasselblad and Arca Swiss before. Now most my work is with the Sony A7rii.

Look: Sony had a chance to fix star-eater with their firmware 4.0 upgrade. They chose not to, even though at the time they were very well aware of it. There must be some internal reason for them to have made that decision. And they are not going to change that, no matter how much we whine and cry about it. From manufacturer point of view: "Here is my product. You can choose to buy it or you can choose not to buy it." End of story.

Using terms like whining implies that these petitioners are asking for something they don't need and don't deserve. It's inflammatory, and I don't understand why you feel this way and need to irritate people.

"Here is my product. You can choose to buy it or you can choose not to buy it."

Are you suggesting then, that Sony should give a full refund to people who bought an A7 series camera before Star Eater was introduced? You keep overlooking that this was not the original behavior of these cameras, and that Sony introduced this change as an undocumented inclusion in a regular firmware update.

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