E-mount for Nikon MILC, good idea or not?

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Re: E-mount for Nikon MILC, good idea or not?

bobn2 wrote:

Yxa wrote:

Parhelic wrote:

I heard some people claim Nikon should use E-mount for the new MILC system.

Because E-mount already has plenty of lens and users. Nikon can also make adapter ring for DSLR lens.

me first, I don't think it's a good idea. And I don't feel comfortable even just thinking about it.

What do you think?

Stupid Idea, why would Nikon use a competitors mount?

There are some decent reasons. The E mount is somewhat open, which provides Nikon with an in to quite an interesting ecosystem. It works both ways, but what could be very interesting for Nikon is selling lenses into that market, which extends to video cameras and cinema cameras.

Why don't Sony use the F-mount to get a lens selection?

Register's too long for a mirrorless, F mount AF protocols don't work well with image sensor AF.

We will see what Nikon thinks about that

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