Loxia 21mm - infinity focus and field usability annoyances

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Re: Loxia 21mm - infinity focus and field usability annoyances

ahaslett wrote:

wburgphoto wrote:

Let me start by saying I love this lens, but in use it drives me crazy. Only after using the Voigtlander 15mm which has a hard stop at infinity and a focus ring which is much less "nudgible" did I realize how flawed the Loxia design is.

I know where infinity on the Loxia is by heart. But once I set it, it is far, FAR to easy to nudge it slightly with a knuckle on my right hand and go past infinity. Granted, I dont have tiny hands. But, Im aware of this issue, try to avoid it, and it still happens. It has resulted in many, many missed shots where only later I realize what happened.

The lens either needs a hard stop at infinity, or a lock I can apply to the focus ring. As it stands, Im seriously considering carrying masking tape for when I need to use the lens. That is ridiculous. Please let me know your suggestions, as I'm at my wits end.

Replacing my 2 wide primes with the 12-24 seems like the best option? That makes me sad, as I really love small primes.

My Loxia 21mm and CV15mm both have a hard stop at just less than infinity. Strangely the stop is fractionally closer on the A7R2 than the A7R.

Did you install a replacement ("Tough") mount on the A7R?

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