Camera APS-C and FF ILC camera brand personalities - for fun,

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Camera APS-C and FF ILC camera brand personalities - for fun,

So I see Nikon as the athletic type, a tad macho, muscular, sporty dress sense, well organised and result driven. Jeans and hoody / sport shirts. He'd be a tight aggressive poker player. He is a decent guy but can be prone to be hot headed at times. Lot's of people like him, he's a man's man but has no trouble with getting girlfriends. He likes Hollywood action movies and listens to stadium rock. He's married and mostly reliable and faithful but will go to the bars and flirt a little but not cheat.  When paired with the right  company he is also able to be quite reflective, poetic and lyrical when in the mood.

Canon is a funny slightly homely boy next door type, a bit less masculine than Nikon but has a well rounded out personality that people like, although for a bit of action most ladies would go for the immediate appeal of Nikon, Canon is the one they'll marry. He'd play poker mostly just for fun and to hand with friends, not to win money. His family life is very stable and the kids are doing well at college. He like uplifting poppy music and whatever other people want to watch at the cinema and prefers not to think too abstractly.

Fuji is a dapper dandy, has slightly quirky and exotic looks he is both masculine with a blend of feminine features also. He's an aesthetic and likes his own company more than the others, though is also god in social situations. He'll arrive at the party late when all the women have had time to get bored with the other guys and try to dazzle them with his unique slightly sardonic humour and worldly charm and steal them away to the jazz bar for a quiet and more exclusive drink. He'd play poker tight aggressive but also loosen up at times to keep the others guessing, but would also charm the other players with table talk more than Nikon so they'd call him more often when he has the nuts. He has a more Eastern philosophy of life than the others. He'll wear a narrow brimmed trilby at times and perhaps some wallabees. He's had a lot of relationships but still not married. He likes world cinema, and loves jazz and Leonard Cohen. Despite being quirky and a free spirit, he's a smart guy and is a reliable friend and partner even if takes a bit longer to get to know, once you do, you have a friend for life.

Pentax used to be the good all rounder boy next door type like Canon but has been too resistant to change over the years and staying in his comfort zone has made him slightly dull, if not dependable. He's having a mid life crises at the moment and has just got a designer haircut and a sports car but a lot of his friends are saying it doesn't really suit him. He has seemed to have lost his heart for poker which is a shame as his old friends miss how he used to be pre DSLR days. His wife Ricoh is a sexy wench and is trying to get him to stay true to his unique strong points and do his own thing more, like with the GR line, she respects and loves him but will likely leave him for someone more interesting if he doesn't pull himself out of his funk. He's not sure what type of music or movies he likes anymore, he spends more time hiking outdoors and though used to be scared of his wife leaving, is becoming more interested in capturing that elusive, magical, one in a year, landscape shot.

Olympus is a university professor / engineer type. Picture Arthur Miller the Playwright. He's not very sexy or interesting in the immediate sense like Nikon of Fuji, but knows his stuff, gets his work done and has a very broad general knowledge, his conventional looks belie his intellect and this helps him bag a lot of the money at the poker game as he simply plays the math game and is interested in long term results even though he doesn't talk much. He's been married to his wife for decades and they are very happy. He likes classical music and documentaries.

Sony is the wallflower of the bunch. Comes across a tad aloof, cold and quiet, people are not sure how to get him to open up, maybe he can't and there simply is nothing more there, what you see is all you get. He's overly analytical and follows well thought out plans that look good on paper only to find out that life often gets in the way and what looks god on paper is dull in reality when the excitement has cleared. He still hasn't really understood poker is about the players more than the cards and loses at the table, though due to his diverse business investments he can afford to. Many women wonder if he is gay or not though his dull dress sense often leaves them ultimately uninterested. He mostly just listens to the radio and watches whatever is on TV at the time.

Panasonic is a half brother of both Olympus and Sony. I've never been interested enough in him to know much about him.

What do you think? What if they were women and not men...? Any other perspective welcome, just a fun thread.....

I cannot comment on Leica as I simply am not qualified to and have never moved in the same social circle.  I wouldn't get in to whichever high end hotel poker room he plays in and couldn't afford a buy in at the table

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