Again on NDs - help me pick a couple and a holder

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Again on NDs - help me pick a couple and a holder


there we go again, I think I have to upgrade my Cokin P system, I have a couple holders which do their job and both a GND and an ND but dunno their strength since I got them as a present from a friend without their original boxes, they do their job but show a lot of color cast and as such I decided that filters sure is a department I have to work on to improve my seascape/landscape photography (technique apart of course).

I would need to be able to achieve long exposure times in the sunset time, say from 5" to 30" or longer with either one filter or by stacking two and would also like to be able to use long exposure during daylight just to experiment with different light conditions.

First question, size: is 100x100 enough also for eventual to come UWA? I actually have no wide angle but plan to buy a 20mm which I know not to give any problem with such size but I wonder, once I want to buy a little at a time into a definitive filter set, is there need to go bigger?

Second question: do I need also a dedicated polarizer? I own both a 58 and a 77 Kaseman B&W (non slim) one, when I feel like I first screw the polarizer on the lens, turn it to achieve desired intensity then slide the filter holder on and shoot; other option would be to get another adapter ring and mount the polarizer onto it and slide into a slot on the holder but this would cause a sure vignette so, does it necessary take to buy a dedicated one to work with a holder?

Third question, ND power: provided there are three slots on the holder to stack two filters and an eventual polarizer, also provided I want to achieve ISO100 30" with sunset light and one filter or longer by stacking two, which intensity would you pick?

Fourth question, holder and filters brand: I am no pro, I can't invest huge amount of money because photography is not my priority, I would bend towards Formatt-Hitech for filters but what about the holder, Lee, Formatt, Cokin...? I am reading several reviews but I think that many overstress some characteristics like "how much pressure takes for the holder to slip off the adapter ring..." or "plastic vs aluminum", would it make sense two different brands (provided they both allow to slide, say, 2mm filters) or would it make more sense to buy into one brand and no worries about compatibility and, eventually, get a better price on a kit rather than splitting the buy?

Thanks for patience and advice

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