Where are all those new M-series lenses?

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Re: Mirrorless camear NOT NEEDED as Smartphone gets better. DSLR + Smarphone Duopoly

justmeMN wrote:

MikeJ9116 wrote:

Having used the SL2 for a few weeks I can see that Canon could easily turn it into a MILC killer for little added cost.

I find it curious that Canon hypes the SL2's Dual Pixel CMOS AF, almost implying that it is the camera's primary AF system. It makes me wonder if the SL3 will be an EVF-mirrorless camera.

I think they will keep the OVF in any future SL3.  They don't need to give it up to have an EVF option.  Heck, they could design the EVF to slide into the hot shoe with the screen covering up the OVF so the ergonomics between them are almost identical and even have the ability to still use a dedicated flash.  Canon already has the tech to make this happen.

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