I bought new legacy lenses

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Re: I bought new legacy lenses

Suave wrote:

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Suave wrote:

As to the NOS stuff, it's been decades since these lenses went out of production. It's hard for me to believe that there are supplies left.

That's a viable line of thought. However, I still find NOS car part from models that most people don't even remember anymore. So it is very well possible that there are some never sold, or never used, lenses out there too. Actually not so long ago I bought a never used Jupiter 11, and for a very reasonable price at that.

Re. OPs comments of ebay going downhill: I can relate to that too. Years ago, ebay was mainly filled with small sellers with interesting vintage stuff. Now it is overtaken by bulk sellers of nobrand junk.

The difference is that car parts stores never really have gone out of business, whereas cameras stores are long gone. So, yes, somewhere in Iowa there's a garage owner whose great grandfather ordered a headlight for Ford T that a customer never picked, but that's not the case with the camera gear.

It is in Japan. I saw plenty of new FT lenses in Tokyo earlier this year, and even a few OM lenses and an OM-3Ti in the box, either new, or very nearly so, in one of the stores which specialized in vintage gear. One can spend hours in these stores... I did, as I tried every single mFT lens available one day. Seriously, they had every one of them out for anyone to try, including the 300/4, 100-400, and the 25/1.2 and 12-100, which had just been released. Japan is camera shopper's heaven,

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