Canon G1X Mark III on 17 Okt

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Re: Will it sell if it come with this lens ?

KeepCalm wrote:

Samuel C wrote:

Canon makes all sizes of fixed lens cameras and whether they fit in a pocket or not is unimportant to naming conventions.

I wonder how many people outside of the hard core Canon enthusiasts realise the G1X is not a 1" camera? The assumption for many I am sure would be that it is as it is grouped with them.

You're drawing a distinction without a difference. There are two types of camera buyers: ones that do their research and ones that don't. If someone wants a tiny camera and knows nothing about what they're buying then size is the primary concern and that's all there is to it. If they do their research it's possible that sensor size could be a selling point, but they might already have a larger camera and want something small to carry everywhere. Either way, Canon's G1 X II product page makes their first multimedia pitch about the sensor so not stumbling across this fact would require willful ignorance.

Larger cameras will ALWAYS be more interesting to enthusiasts because they cost more and require more effort to learn and use. Canon knows this already.

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