CPU/MB upgrade: Intel Skylake-X or AMD Ryzen?

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Doux Vide
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CPU/MB upgrade: Intel Skylake-X or AMD Ryzen?

Hi all,

I think it's time for me to upgrade my MB and CPU. I currently use a 6 year old Sandy Bridge platform (i7 2600k) and even if performance is still far from ridiculous, it starts to show its age with 4k video editing and even with the A7rII RAW files. I think I would benefit from more cores and faster memory.

The PC will be used mainly for photo and video editing (Photoshop, DXO, Powerdirector, Vegas among others).

I already upgraded the SSD and GPU last year, and already have a calibrated 27" 4k monitor, so I just want the MB and CPU (and the matching DDR4 of course).
I would like something high-end and future-proof, but not the ridiculouly expensive "best" hardware.

I have looked around for reviews about the latest products from Intel and AMD and it seems that 2 high end models are especially praised by reviewers, the 7820x in the Blue team and the 1800x in the Red team.

On the paper, the 7820x is superior, and I'm pretty confident about its future-proofness (think software/drivers support) but it's also much more expensive (+50% including a similar MB) and it uses much more power (hence more heat and noise). On the other hand, if choosing the leader is reassuring, I like to push the competition too...

I also wonder if those aren't already overkill, and if the models below (7800x and 1700x) wouldn't already be more than enough?

Your thoughts?

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