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Re: my experience with NOS lenses...

I agree.  I think that many NOS lenses were actually either factory rejects that failed quality control that were shelved for later reworking that never happened because their market failed.  Or duds returned to dealers also shelved in the back room.

But they are still usually in otherwise brand new condition.

FSU made NOS lenses can still be had.

My experience: Obviously new Helios 40-2 with almost unworkably stiff focus action - re-greased now is silky smooth. New black Jupiter-3 lens with broken screws and mis-aligned aperture control.  Still figuring out how I can get suitable replacement screws. Obviously new MIR 10A, Tair 11A, Russar MP-2 - all perfect.  Jupiter 37A - stiff focus needed to be cleaned and re-greased.

You can usually tell a FSU NOS lens - if it comes in its original case it simply reeks of the original machine oil preservative (or lathe oil).

Some of them are obviously passed QC stock that was never sold and left in warehouse storage.

Soligor 38mm D mount lens - obviously part of a set in box - obviously not used, other lens missing.  Infinity focus not correct.  Adjusted it for infinity - now an excellent lens.  Whether this was NOS or not the lens was obviously not used because it was not adjusted properly.

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