Should we have more accessories?

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Should we have more accessories?

In another thread on lack of new cameras, I pointed out the lack of accessories. Back in the film days, Olympus (and other camera companies) provided a vast array of accessories to suit all manner of photographic tasks.

These ranged from copystands, macro-stands, bellows, microscope attachments and associated lenses and numerous other components. The image below shows just how vast the accessory range was, compared to what we have today. Of course not all are applicable, as many accessories were specific to film cameras, but some of those accessories could be translated to digital cameras, like battery grips (not just one) as an equivalent to bulk film holders.

Olympus System

Olympus Flash

So what has happened? How come accessories that were part and parcel of many a photographers kit no longer exist. Over the years, I've sourced some of these old accessories, such as bellows and lenses, because nothing has been available for modern cameras. You can't even get simple things like close-up lenses anymore.

I sometimes wonder why all of these have fallen by the wayside. Sure, you can get aftermarket bits and pieces, but I'd much rather have Olympus designed and manufactured gear if possible.

I'm not sure how others feel.

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