Canon G1X Mark III on 17 Okt

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Re: Will it sell if it come with this lens ?

KeepCalm wrote:

Samuel C wrote:

No, they are not aiming for this. The G1 X and Mark II were never pocket cameras. That's the G7 X. Canon is not afraid to make large fixed lens cameras.

Unfortunately the reviewers are not afraid to mock the size of the camera without allowing for the sensor size. Difficult area for Canon to get it right.

The reviewers don't need a good reason to post gut reactions before glancing at a manual or spending more than an hour with a camera. Guys like Kai are so impressed with themselves that they are going to phone it in whether it's a good idea or not.

Calling this camera a Powershot G has been a major marketing mistake as it gets linked in people's minds as a compact.

But that's what it is. It's going to be smaller than a similarly equipped ILC because it will have a collapsing lens.

We have had the reverse where the G1X III potentially having an aps-c sensor kicked off the idea amongst people who should have known better that the other G's would have this. If the brand dedicated rumour sites get confused over what sort of camera this is what hope the general public or reviewers.

I don't think they're confused and I don't think it would matter if they were.

Given the serious world wide shortage of letters available to these companies for camera designation we will have to live with this.The best change to this camera to kick off sales would be to give it a clear classification outside of the melee of Powershot G's.

But they consolidated for once. The confusion was making SX and ELPH with numbers that were neither in any kind of order not had any actual meaning. The new G X series is the closest they've come to doing anything with compact model numbers that mean anything. Model confusion isn't the issue. Canon makes all sizes of fixed lens cameras and whether they fit in a pocket or not is unimportant to naming conventions.

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