Which flash for Nikon D750?

Started Sep 21, 2017 | Discussions thread
WFulton Senior Member • Posts: 2,697
Re: Which flash for Nikon D750?

The Yongnuo will be very hard to beat, and the price is especially attractive.

It has about same power as SB-910, both of which have greater power than the SB-700.

Powerful flashes (at full power level) do use more battery than a smaller flash can use.  But  of course, that is the point of having the larger flash, to have more power.  Bounce flash normally needs all the power we can get. 

Battery life will not be an issue. You should use Eneloop rechargable batteries with any flash, so in worse case (which is very unlikely to ever happen), just carry an extra set of batteries in your bag.  And you can recharge them early and often to never be any issue.

And do get a good battery charger to deliver performance, do not skimp on a cheapy charger.

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