Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: We're in too deep now

junk1 wrote:

M43 is 60% as large as APSC so there is not much difference if everything else is the same (if both have BSI etc). M43 will always have size advantage. Some generations in sensors such as when the 16mp m43 Sony sensor first came out, m43 will be very competitive. Other times it will lag more than the size difference would suggest.

Again from my perspective as a typically base ISO shooter where DR and shadow noise really matters take a look at the DPreview RAW DR tests to see just how big a difference there is. I think this is why despite their technical skills { framing , composition, focus etc} for example BIF shots really suffer with m43,  thanks to the inherent shadow noise which rears its ugly head when you need to push shadows. There are simply some scenarios where you need to push shadows ie that damn bird against a much brighter sky, wide DR landscapes and so on. Plus you do not to buy anywhere near top end APS to get much better DR for example last gen or even the gen before that Nikon APS cameras like the £400 D5300 will give markedly better DR and shadow noise results at low ISO than any m43 camera including the most expensive £1849 E-M1 II { which obviously has a far far better feature set }

It could be easily fixed  by simply giving us a m43 sensor with a lower true base ISO of say 50, if it came with a few more MP all the better Which sadly seems to be rather unlikely

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