Frustrated with the 35 1.4G

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Re: The 35G is a major comparative problem

Good points. I've been saying, ever since the 105/1.4E came out, that Nikon *seriously* needed to upgrade a few of their key lenses, and the 35/1.4G tops that list easily. After reading your post, I feel even more strongly that it needs to be done. There is little doubt that if I were an event shooter (I'm not - I'm studio/landscape) I would have some Canon in my kit as well for the reasons you specify. I can't deal with Sony - or any mirrorless - I absolutely abhor working through an EVF, and ergonomically working with their bodies is a mess. I tried shooting with an A7rII once, and it was like trying to tie your shoes with pencils (a saying a co-worker of mine uses), just frustration. I'd give up photography if Sony were the only player left, and that's saying something.

Nikon has been frustrating to say the least. Along the past 5 years, which is where I've done most of my serious lens re-evaluation and testing to find out what truly works best with the D8xx bodies I shoot, I would have been happy to purchase all Nikon brand if they were the best at each critical focal length I shoot, but once I sat my former Nikon-only bias aside and got open minded and serious with evaluation, it's no wonder I shoot Zeiss and Sigma Art alongside my Nikon glass these days. That money all could have gone to Nikon is they hadn't have been so asleep at the wheel in the lens department, for sure. But I prefer Nikon ergonomics, and when the guys hit one out of the park (105/1.4E, 70-200/2.8E-FL), they hit one out of the park. Nobody is perfect, but of the big manufacturers, Nikon certainly is the one that needs (IMO) the most work.


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