Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Sorry, but that's just rubbish.

Even my 2003 E-1 will take superb photos with its measly 5 MPx sensor.

I agree, but some around here are just having heart attacks because the new E-M10 III still has a 16mpx sensor.

i suppose u are not doing landscape

even my most advance APS-C sensor A6500 got challenge in dynamic range sometimes

2003 E-1 or E-M10 III 16MP MFT sensor is a joke for landscape

I know what I am talking about. I own both GM1 and GM5 and just buy A6500

I can assure u color/dynamic range/detail/low light noise between GM and A6500 is not even close

There is no comparison in IQ. I don't know why someone keep saying 16MP MFT is enough

if they are sincere they are not doing landscape, even my A6500 don't have enough dynamic range sometimes

Could you please post some side by side raw comparisons? I would like to check that assertion.

So as you do not need to buy every camera on the market , sites such as our beloved DPreview kindly test every camera talking controlled RAW sample images .You can clearly see that the DR thanks to smaller sensor and annoyingly high base ISO pales compared to the best APS let alone FF .

Tests taken at their respective base ISO settings , shooting lower than base ISO typically gives a slightly cleaner image at the expense of DR.

Bla bla bla, bla bla bla. Let's now see some real world landscapes side by side. EM1.2 vs A6500.

You may be surprised to hear it but controlled RAW files are exactly as good as it gets , the DR and shadow noise even at base ISO of m43 is a real weakness for landscape shooting, my main interest . I shoot m43 and have done so since 2009 but though many here think it possible the fact is you cannot beat physics . I have not shot with an APS for years but as mentioned there are literally hundreds if not thousands of controlled RAW test shots available online .

Anyway thank you for your babyish response , I really appreciate it when the rampant fanboys id themselves so quickly for the old ignore list 

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