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bigley Ling wrote:

noisephotographer wrote:

It's surprising that the iPhone 8 has the same base iso as the iPhone 7 (iso 20). Apple claimed that the new sensor "provides" 83% more light. But as the sensor isn't 83% larger I thought that the iPhone 8 would achieve a lower base iso which would also mean more light. But apparently that's not the case.

To improve the amount of light gathering one would need faster optics. Having a lower base iso just makes the sensor less sensitive to light.

No, a lower base iso means that one can capture more light in good lighting conditions. For example Iso 20 with 1/1000s is exposed correctly, but in this case Iso 40 with 1/1000s would be overexposed. In order to expose correctly at Iso 40 you need 1/2000s which means half as much light as 1/1000s.

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