Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: No size advantage?

GodSpeaks wrote:

dennis tennis wrote:

DSLR lenses are not larger than mirrorless lenses if they are the same focal length, aperture and quality. Sony FF constant f2.8 zooms E mount are the same as their A mounts and are the same as Canon and Nikons.

It is a fallacy to think that just because you do mirrorless, the ONLY reason you went mirrorless is because you want small. This is the marketing brain washing that Oly and Pany had to do to create a separation between DSLR and their mFT. You want small lenses? Get slower lenses and/or smaller sensor.

when people say the "advantage" of mirrorless is that it is smaller, I know they drank the Kool-Aid. Mirrorless removes the mirror. Everything else is physics and technology and nobody is beating physics and nobody is making innovation that the other brands are equalling or have access to. I would argue that what saved mFT (I bought EP1 and G1 fro the get go) is Sony. With Sony sensor, without PDAF on sensor, mFT would be lagging.

And for Canon lenses, they don't work reasonably well, they work just as well, and for Video even better on Canon mirrorless than on Canon DSLR. Something, neither Oly or Pany has been able to achieve with their compatibility with their "legacy" DSLR lenses (of which I have many)

No size advantage?


I think Dennis means within the same sensor size . A m43 sensor compared to a FF sensor is not dissimilar to comparing the compact 2/3" sensor to m43 .

In fact if you look at the best 1" sensor camera compared to the best m43 sensor m43 looks huge in comparison and the Sony 1" sensor is much much closer to m43 than m43 is to the best FF

The smallest 20mp m43 camera with the smallest fast standard zoom, the Sony rx100 IV lens is equivalent to a m43 12-35mm F/2.4-3.8, of course for many here physics does not exist and  for them the Sony is an F/1.8-2.8

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