Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: Brighter Days Ahead

I think you will find that M43 is one of the few growth segments in the space.  Its image quality already surpasses the needs of most photographers.  It remains the best system for a high image quality with reasonable size and weight.  The selection of lenses is vast, and the higher end of the space is built to very high standards.  It's one weakness of noise and DR was much improved with the last round of cameras.  The next wave of tech will bring things like global shutter, and BSI sensor tech with a resolution increase to maybe 25-30mp.  At that point, the system is extremely flexible and it's wider adoption will continue to push costs down.  Yes, tech will improve across all segments. But there is a point where the ability to print to say 4 ft by 5 ft wide has limited practical application.  So, folks are likely to gravitate to and stay with a system that is a flexible tool with reasonable weight and high optical quality.

I recently took the image below and blew it up to 18-24 inches.  It made a lovely print. Even when looked at up close is stunning.  This was done on the E-m1 II and the 12-40MM lens - if I recall correctly.  The system is easily capable of publishable work and has been adopted by more than a few pros. Some of the work I've seen here is nothing short of amazing.

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