Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: We're in too deep now

tt321 wrote:

I extensively tried the A6000, and came off unimpressed for many reasons, and compared to my A6000 clone like GX80, even. I would not advise people to go for that.

On the other hand, I might advise people to go for a compact EOS M.

Sensors are not the only thing. For most applications in the current technological environment, sensor performance should be given a very low priority when comparing systems.

I agree with u EOS M is better for most than 16MP MFT camera.  Dual pixel AF seriously good and with native adapter EF/EF-S/EF-M lens can be used, huge lens selection

but I disagree sensor not important. As a landscape photographer even A6500 dynamic range not enough sometimes (the more the better)

also in dark cloudy days and I go hiking in a forest, want to maintain a high shutter speed I have to go ISO 3200 even in daytimes

Sensor still very important.  Asking me to accept the lower dynamic range of Canon EOS-M sensor still a turn off although I am interested in it more than MFT now

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