Help - I'm about to stop on the day I started

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Help - I'm about to stop on the day I started

Hi, I need help!

I'm an average sort of photographer; they type where everyone I know says I'm a 'great' photographer but none of them know anything about photography. I do, at least, understand the basics:  ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speeds, Depth of Field etc. And I have a fabulous portfolio of travel shots - at least they are dear to me.  I travel a lot and so I have lots of opportunity to get really interesting, colourful shots.  So that's me, can take a respectable snap like millions of others out there.

Last week, after being inspired by some stunning puffin photos on Flickr, I splurged on a HUGE lens - Fuji XF 100-400.

You will die laughing but anyway here is a summary of my first day out with that lens:

1:  I can barely lift it.  All the reviews on line say you can hand hold it, but I think I need to go to the gym to even hold it up for more than a couple of minutes.  Not kidding, I am 59 and not that fit.

2:  I took 109 photos, and I just reviewed them and deleted them all - none in focus, half a duck, a bird's backside, lots of photos of reeds where the bird was a minute beforehand.

3: Seriously - I am getting over the flu and it was our first hot day here.  So after an hour in the sun I started to fee l faint so I laid down in the shade under a tree.  I couldn't get up, the world was spinning. The swan I had been trying to photograph got OUT OF THE WATER and wandered up and attacked me.  This is no BS.

This was not a stellar start.

Will it get better?

Any tips for good wildlife photography courses?  I really like Ben Long on but I don't think he does one specifically on this sort of hassle.



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