Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Roger Engelken
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Re: gazing into my crystal ball

Photo Pete wrote:

gazing into my crystal ball I can definitively say no... or maybe yes... damn that crystal ball... the chromatic abberations are so strong it just reduces the clarity of everything it shows me.

Does anyone have any advice on which crystal ball I should upgrade to from the kit ball which came with the tarot card pack? I've heard that the Leica zoom version is good at the 5 year end, but tends to lose resolution when zoomed all the way out to the 10 year end. Should I go for a fixed focal length version instead... and if so, should I go for the 5 or 10 year focal length?

I want to predict mainly lottery numbers and the future of camera formats but occasionally predict world events for exhibition purposes.

I just wish my old crystal balls would at least function as bowling balls.

Right now they are paperweights that have this bad habit of rolling around.  Perhaps I need a Ouija board...with raised edges.

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