Rough initial impressions of the Viltrox EF-NEX IV

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Rough initial impressions of the Viltrox EF-NEX IV

I just can't resist adapters that advertise firmware updatability, even if there isn't yet a firmware file available for them.  As a result, once the Viltrox IV became available on Amazon, I ordered one.  It arrived tonight.

First - when connected via MicroUSB (yay standard connector - better than the MC-11 here!) to a Linux machine, it comes up as a USB mass storage device.  Various information in lsusb indicates that this is some form of USB mass storage bootloader, and it's an STM32.  (strangely:  I can't find any reliable app notes for USB bootloaders on STM32, but since STM32s are part of the mbed ecosystem such a thing must officially exist...  Need to do more research.)  So upgrading this adapter will, when a firmware update is released, likely involve just dropping a file onto a drive that appears when you plug in the adapter.  ASSUMING this bootloader behaves as expected, it's better than any other solution out there.

Second:  They advertise "CDAF" and "PDAF" modes.  My first thought was "why do they need this?  Legacy adapters already support both CDAF and PDAF, same for native lenses".

The reality:  "CDAF" mode is NATIVE EMULATION!  Previously only available on the Metabones IV in Advanced mode, Sigma MC-11 with an SGV lens attached, or the (utterly garbage) Techart EOS-NEX III.  Very rough initial testing puts performance as "superior to Techart III" - as in I gave this adapter a worst-case scenario with a Canon EF85/1.8 USM, a notoriously difficult lens to use on an adapter.  It actually could lock on my TV screen (albeit with LOTS of hunting, although not too much worse than Metabones in Advanced mode with this lens IIRC - I need to run more tests...)  I'll test with other lenses tomorrow.

PDAF mode is legacy adapter emulation - "green mode" in Metabones terms, or LA-EA3 emulation.  Not as good as Metabones or Sigma with an EF85/1.8 USM, but better than anything else on the market (as in, nothing else can even lock under any condition with this lens on an A6500).

I'll run more tests with other lenses tomorrow - but I'm pretty impressed for a $130 adapter as far as first impressions go.  This may be the ONLY sub-$400 option for users of A6000 (or any other older body) with non-SGV lenses.

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