Questions about Olympus OM manual focus lenses and coatings

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Re: Questions about Olympus OM manual focus lenses and coatings

Danielvr wrote:

I like contrast low enough to see details in the shadows on the walls/siding under the roof eaves on sunny days. [..] It also helps to have a lens that's not high contrast. For example, I shy away from Zeiss lenses because they tend to be high contrast for my needs.

I think you have it backwards. Zeiss lenses tend to have excellent shadow detail retrieval because of their clarity and microcontrast. Their coatings and pitch black inner walls prevent flare and stray light from muddying the shadows. The microcontrast helps to make out tiny details. In a proper exposure at low ISO (to minimize noise / maximize dynamic range) it should show significantly more shadow detail than some random old lens that suffers from stray light, flare and little micro contrast.

My only knowledge of Zeiss is their M-Mount lenses like their 35mm F2, which is reputed to have higher contrast than Leica or Voigtlander. In M-Mount I like Voigtlander 35mm F1.7 Ultron because it's contrast is a bit lower. I like it's contrast and color balance. I say these things based on side-by-side comparison reviews I read and their photos I compared.

I assumed the same Zeiss M-Mount 35mm F2 character/contrast would carry over to other Zeiss lenses in other mounts, but I don't know. I assumed it would carry over to other Zeiss lenses.

I like Minolta MD lenses for their subtle contrast and realistic colors, and I like Olympus OM lenses for their medium contrast and slightly more saturated (but still realistic) colors.

I'm talking about lens character that prefer and why. It's my personal preference and opinion. Others may have other opinions and preferences.

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