Where are all those new M-series lenses?

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Re: Where are all those new M-series lenses?

ByronP wrote:

In my opinion, the so called newbies should get a sl1 as the user interface is designed especially for them. For the m5 at least for the most part is designed to let the user control the camera and the automated functions/buttons are hidden.

On the other hand, the m5 user interface (buttons, screen, functions, et al) is oriented to the more experienced person which I appreciate a whole bunch. I want to take control of my camera and not the other way around.

Setting the dial to auto (phd mode-push here dummy) is something I never use. But, if I was just starting out that is what I would be using plus I would not be using most of the buttons and dials as all this stuff would be confusing as hell to me. To me anyway, this is one of the reasons smart phones cameras are brilliantly designed...simple to use...just push the button.


I agree on the controls.  I have handled the EM5 any my only complaint is that it might be too small for my liking, but there are times that smaller and lighter is better.  My next Canon will either be an M or FF.   Haven't been able to convince myself yet that I need FF, but when my son starts playing night football games it might change my mind

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