Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: MFT is just fine

Astrotripper wrote:

Ab Latchin wrote:

One interesting point is that while all the lenses work reasonably well, the purpose of putting a larger DSLR lens on a smaller body defeats the purpose of downsizing. In other words what real benefit is there if the body is the only element that gets smaller?

That is not entirely true. At the tele end, there is not much penalty for adapting a lens. I mean, a 70-300mm zoom will be in the same size and weight ballpark, regardless whether it is designed for 1", 4/3, APS-C of 35mm format sensor.

I would say that it is not just tele end anything away from UWA  any size differences are minimal  assuming same format. There is also the far from lossless and sometimes massive software corrections used in many mirrorless lenses

Within the m43rds ecosystem we have a wide variety of lenses and bodies from very small to relatively small.

Yep. That's what's really great about Micro 4/3, I think.

I can have a GM5 that fits in my pocket with a range of lenses, and I can have an E-M1 Mark II for comfortable use of those much larger lenses, like super teles. With most other systems you usually have a choice of roughly one size, sometimes with a heavier or lighter option. And there is no other system that has cameras come in such great variety of shapes and sizes.

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