Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: MFT is just fine

dennis tennis wrote:

Ab Latchin wrote:

One interesting point is that while all the lenses work reasonably well, the purpose of putting a larger DSLR lens on a smaller body defeats the purpose of downsizing. In other words what real benefit is there if the body is the only element that gets smaller?

Within the m43rds ecosystem we have a wide variety of lenses and bodies from very small to relatively small.

It is a fallacy to think that just because you do mirrorless, the ONLY reason you went mirrorless is because you want small. This is the marketing brain washing that Oly and Pany had to do to create a separation between DSLR and their mFT. You want small lenses? Get slower lenses and/or smaller sensor.

when people say the "advantage" of mirrorless is that it is smaller, I know they drank the Kool-Aid. Mirrorless removes the mirror. Everything else is physics and technology and nobody is beating physics and nobody is making innovation that the other brands are equalling or have access to.

I'm one of those that originally drank the kool-aide a couple of years ago, forsaking my Canon DSLR for a Panny GX7. But after a number of M43 bodies and a lot of lenses I concur that the idea that mirrorless saves a lot of weight is not necessarily so. A mirrorless FF camera with an equal lens weighs almost as much as the mirrored counterpart. Same goes for APSC, where, at least with Canon, the better L lenses are sized for the FF camera.

I've come to the realization that the real benefit to mirrorless has less to do with the weight savings (only accomplished with a smaller sensor and smaller lenses), and more to do with the shooting differences inherent with mirrorless cameras. The ability to modify the image via live view through the EVF before the shot is taken cannot be overestimated. When my DSLR shooting friends ask me advice on going mirrorless, they almost always cite the weight savings as the main benefit they are looking for. I just hand them my Olympus camera ask them to put it up to their eye and spin the exposure comp dial........nothing else needs be done.

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