X-E2 - limited dynamic range?

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Re: X-E2 - limited dynamic range?

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First of all, yes, the DR of every camera is limited

Bill Claff's analysis shows that the DR is practically the same for the last two X-Trans APS-C sensor generations, and it is roughly what one would expect from a current-generation APS-C sensor in general. It then comes down to how the scene DR is mapped to the output JPEG. Doug gave you some pointers as to how to possibly improve your outcomes.

It's interesting that X-T1 seems to have lower DR according to this website. I have both X-E2 and X-T1 and I would say in real-life work I don't see much difference between these two, perhaps X-T1 has slight edge, even.

In the graph nixda linked to these two are almost completely overlapping, differences [if any, if you account for measurement accuracy] are negligible.

This same chart, only these two cameras

The chart that applies to mkdarmroom is this :

As nixda notes there's only about a 0.4 stop difference which might very well not be noticeable.

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