Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: We're in too deep now

JaKing wrote:

You patently don't know what you are talking about. EVEN DxO report the E-1 as having quite exceptional DR ...

Now, if you want to talk about the 'rotten' JPEG DR of E-510 or D700 files, that's a different kettle of fish! But both are still better than almost all colour films ...

IOW, stop talking as if 0.5 of a stop was the end of the world ...

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br, john, from you know where
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DXO does not seem to have the 14yr old E-1 camera listed amongst its tested cameras, the oldest listed is the E-3

As for the jpeg DR if you are interested enough in DR then you are far more likely to be using RAW , where the the D700 blows the E-510 out of the water in every single category . 2.2 stops better DR, 2.3 stops better colour depth and 2.3 stops better high ISO. I hope you are not basing your jpeg DR claim on the comically bad DPreview DR  test of old which was abandoned

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Jim Stirling

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