Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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is micro 4/3 on its way out. Seeing as Crop sensor Mirrorless is on the rise

m43 is a crop sensor mirrorless. Your question makes no sense at all.


A crop sensor is one that still uses the lenses from the "original" sized sensor I.E. DX is a crop from FX.

M4/3 is not a crop as the lenses were designed for that size. Same with 1" sensors.

So, the m4/3 sensor with the native lenses is actually full frame.

This just shows the silliness of those that think full frame is something wonderful when all it means is the lenses were designed for the sensor size. It is marketing nonsense.

BTW, medium format is also full frame as is 8X10".

So, I take the above comment of "Crop sensor Mirrorless" to mean DX (APS-C) format.


So If I put an EF lens on my 7D2 then it's a crop sensor camera.
But If I put an EF-S lens on my 7D2 it's a full frame camera

If I put my EF300mm f/2.8 on my E-M1II it's a 2x crop camera, but if I put my Olympus 300mm F/2.8 on the E-M1 II it's full frame ???

I don't know the Canon system well enough to comment but doesn't the 7D2 have an APS-C sensor?

Anyway, Nikon makes FX lenses and DX (APS-C) lenses. What happens when you mount a DX lens on the D5 (FX body) vs the same lens on a D7200 (DX body)?

One could argue that mounting the DX lens on a DX body is full frame as they are made for each other.

I am saying that the FF term that so many like is wrong. It is a term that was started by the marketing people at either Canon or Nikon to suggest that a 24x36mm sensor is better. Better than medium format? Why isn't medium format called full frame?

This nonsense is just like what happened with Japanese cars in the US back in the 80's.

To try and slow down the sale of smaller cars, the big three started to call their cars Full Size cars. Most Japanese cars were classified as sub-compacts. Marketing crap.

That logic seems flawed. 300mm is 300mm, regardless of the image circles, the field of view is the same. The E-M1 II is either a crop or a full frame.


The logic is Not flawed. What is flawed is the notion that the 24x36mm sensor size is full frame.

My point is - this lead to the misunderstanding of the original post by some who responded. See the quoted text above.


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