Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: We're in too deep now

Jefftan wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

Olympus and Panasonic really suckered us in by creating so many wonderful lenses in their M4/3 lens mount. And since the 4/3 sensor is smaller than APSC and Full Frame, most of these lenses would be useless if adapted to a larger sensor camera.

Many of us... myself included.... are too deeply invested in lenses now to be tempted to switch to something else. Especially if that something else was only marginally better.

I'm not really tempted to switch to anything else. I like this system just the way it is.

What u said is the real problem.

If a system is not attractive to new owner but only for those that have heavier investment in lens, so forced to use it (remind me of Canon/Nikon)

If someone don't have a camera/lens right now and buy a new camera.

Who will buy a 16MP MFT camera instead of a much larger sensor APS-C A6000?

I extensively tried the A6000, and came off unimpressed for many reasons, and compared to my A6000 clone like GX80, even. I would not advise people to go for that.

On the other hand, I might advise people to go for a compact EOS M.

Sensors are not the only thing. For most applications in the current technological environment, sensor performance should be given a very low priority when comparing systems.

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