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ICloud explanation

Can anyone explain how iCloud works? I have for example 5 iOS devices sharing the same userID. Apple limits the free storage to 5GB but if I go over I would have to consider paying.

If I check each device, I get a different percentage of the 5GB limit. Each of my devices are either 64GB or 128GB.

I have set iCloud to off but may turn it on but I don't want to be paying the subscription if I don't have to.

I so far haven't used much of 64GB or 128GB but if I shoot RAW and video the files can get big quickly. Apple now has a 2TB tier and they removed 1TB.

For comparison, a WD Passport 1TB drive is about SG$99.00 and the 2TB tier works out to be about SG$156 annually or SG$13. monthly. A WD 2TB Passport is about SG$150 to 160.

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