Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Micro eyes?

Mark Rosen wrote:

When I travel with my EM1 II and 12-100 lens... and see the hoards of Canikon cameras around me (usually with less than stellar lenses)

You really get a good enough look at all these 'hoards' (your spelling) of Canikons to identify which of their lenses are the 'less than stellar' ones? You know by sight which lens models are 'less than stellar'? Which lenses are those? No fair looking them up now. And don't say 'kit lenses' because they are usually entirely adequate for typical users.

To be honest I think you pulled that 'less than stellar lenses' comment right out of... the air.

, I know I have some of the best technology in my hands, with the ultimate potential for creativity...

I am sure your EM1 can take wonderful photos.

Even the idea of carrying a full frame monster with me, leaves me exhausted. No I do not think m4/3 is about to go away... at least not yet...

It's not like a FF camera weighs 20 pounds, really. Perhaps you're frail.

However, someday the technology of image capture, will change dramatically. And it will be a whole new game.

That may well be.

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