Where are all those new M-series lenses?

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Re: Where are all those new M-series lenses?

KEG wrote:

ByronP wrote:

To me the only major differences between the sl2 and the m5 are:

The m5 has better af using the view finder in good light

The m5 has a small, but ok (not great) lens selection.

The user interface on the m5 is much more capable than the sl2.

When one uses the adapter on the m5 then the choice of lenses is the same as the sl2 and the size/weight advantage of the m5 with M lens goes away.

I have 22/2.0, 28/3.5, 15-45 and 11-22, I have found them to be very good in the sharpness department so could someone please show me the purported lack of sharpness.

I am more irritated with the lack of fast EF-M lenses than sharpness.  There is only one EF-M lens with an aperture wider than 3.5 and this should be an embarrassment to Canon after more than five years from the launch of the EOS M system.

So if Canon wants the m5 to succeed with knowledgeable users they need more and sharper M lens that retain their smallest/lighter stats compared to the rest of the canon ef and efs lenses.

If canon adds a more capable sl2 user interface with simi-auto af micro adjustment (like Nikon) and many more af points I would switch if they don't increase the quantity and quality of their m lens.

I don't think Canon cares as the song goes, "where have all the lenses go...." because one way or the other I will use a Canon camera....for now, but sony's system is mighty tempting. And, Sony will be a survivor in this space.


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