Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: Is micro four thirds on its way out?

Lola1234 wrote:

I think Olympus made this camera line so competitive in offering these "tools" that can produce such high quality photography that I doubt it will ever go "out". I think we on the mft forum realize that. For me in terms of quality results, my choice ended up being between a Canon EOS rebel and an Olympus mft. Since I'm an anti-hype person I did not want the Canon.

My first digital ILC was a Canon 20D with two newly-released EF-S lenses.  I thought I was in Digital Heaven.  Then my brother-in-law from Japan shows up with his brand-new Olympus E-510.  I could not believe what I was seeing on my color-calibrated dual-screen computer — the lowly Olympus kit lens clearly had better IQ from center to edge and the IBIS was significantly more effective than my Canon’s lens OIS, and the RAW files were an improvement.  And all in that tiny package, how could I resist?

I could not resist, and fortunately at the time my used Canon gear brought a good price to me and I ended up with a better kit of camera and lenses for only a small additional outlay of cash.

Does anyone see the difference between a high quality sharp picture and picture that's so sharp it looks fake? (before post processing).

Now if I could just find someone who's willing to answer very amateur questions and not laugh..........

You should try here, I think that we are a generally helpful lot.

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