Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Why buy a camera when you always have a "free" camera to hand?

rjensen11 wrote:

I think phone photography is improving with every new system, and their ease of use is a big plus that makes up for lack of IQ.

I know the IQ on a phone isn't what it is on my Olympus E-M1 II. However, how many of us have pictures go any further than FB or texts to friends?

Apple and Samsung have armies of engineers building better hardware and more sophisticated processing algorithms into their phones, so they will continue to move faster than camera makers. And they do it without >100 menu options. Apple appears to have simulated limited DOF with two lenses, so what else with they solve with software?

Consider panoramas. My iPhone can do a continuous panorama with two shutter clicks - start and stop. My Olympus is as feature rich as any camera I've seen, yet to do a panorama I have to take a bunch of pictures and load them all in Photoshop (or some other software package) to put it together, and I won't know until I get home if it worked. What a hassle. Why don't they do it in camera like any other phone? I'm sure Photoshop can do more when stitching photos together than my iPhone, but it means I'll only try a few panoramas this year, and most of those will never make it to Photoshop. It also eliminates the wide angle lens you carry "just in case" you need it.

Even the EVF, which is great, is mostly mimic-ing the behavior I get on my phone.

One of the main attractions to MFT is lighter and smaller than FF. Well, the size and weight of a MFT is a lot closer to a FF camera than that of a phone.

Don't get me wrong, I just spent a small fortune on a E-M1 II and several lenses so I see the value of this system, but I suspect this is the last traditional camera I ever purchase.

Rule out all the lightweight stuff.  The GX850 is right in the mobile phone firing line.  Video and panoramas ditto.

But I had a 500mm f8.0 mirror lens on a M4/3 body this week - mobile phones do have a little way to go just yet before they reach the furthest frontiers.

Lots of attempts to "telephoto" mobile phones - not been really successful so far.  Wide angle - well a Ricoh GRD/GR would always cream a mobile phone even today, but the mobile phone is always there and with the present world wide addiction to being "always available" for a chat it is hardly surprising that the importance level of a chat is mirrored by a similar importance of the mobile snap.  If the mobile does the job and it is handy then "why not?"

Humans have always been a gregarious animal and when they associate they need to chat about something - usually it is important otherwise why must they do it ...

The E-M1 in its incarnations is safe for a while longer.

But real camera-owner enthusiasts were never that thick on the ground.  Not that a mobile phone user cannot also be an enthusiast as well.

What cameras can never replicate is that for the desperate need of continuously paying for real time mobile communication you get a series of cameras for apparent nothing.  Only a few will consider that paying a considerable amount of money for a separate camera kit that they might never actually use is worth while.  I personally would agree with this philosophy.

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