Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Astrotripper wrote:

Unlike Nikon, it looks like Canon had an actual long-term strategy for their mirrorless offering.

I agree Nikon did not support CX properly at all with some rather optimistic overpricing at launch for a number of the cameras . However from a performance perspective the 1 system cameras are very good with an excellent AF system that was until fairly recently better than anything any other mirrorless maker had to offer , the cameras were very fast in operation { start-up , FPS etc } and even though limited compared to more evolved mirrorless systems like m43 they do still have native lenses covering from 18-810mm with VR { FF equiv AOV } , and a couple of fast primes including a fasty fity equiv and an F/1.2 portrait lens.

Yeah, and if you think about it, CX could have been a worthy competitor to Micro 4/3 (basically in the same way MFT can be to a Fuji X). At least in the lightweight travel camera department, but probably in many other areas, if only Nikon would be willing to push it that way.

TBH, I liked the modular approach to V3, for example.

From a purely technological aspect I would suggest that the Nikon system was pretty good and those doubting that Nikon can make a serious mirrorless camera are kidding themselves. Whether or not they decide to do so is another question

Yep, they did have some pretty impressive specs and capabilities.

But on the other hand, there was the problem of sensor performance lagging behind its contemporaries. Kinda like with those 12mp sensors in the older PENs. Only with Nikon it took way too long to address this.

yep, that was probably the biggest issue the aptina sensor was primed for speed and performance over image quality. The latest gen Sony 1" sensors at least at low ISO { where I live } compete pretty well with the best m43.

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