Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: a bit on Canon

Astrotripper wrote:

HeyItsJoel wrote:

Astrotripper wrote:

In the future, EOS M from Canon will probably join them.

Canon just needs to get off their ass and produce more native lenses for the M-line.

I actually find it interesting how Canon got about the EOS M. I think they will be a major player in mirrorless field, the same way they are now in the DSLR world.

Unlike Nikon, it looks like Canon had an actual long-term strategy for their mirrorless offering. Now that Canon finally has the technology to make good mirrorless cameras, it's probably just a matter of time before they start developing EF-M into its more mature form.

I agree Nikon did not support CX properly at all with some rather optimistic  overpricing at launch for a number of the cameras . However from a performance perspective the 1 system cameras are very good with an excellent AF system that was until fairly recently better than anything any other mirrorless maker had to offer , the cameras were very fast in operation { start-up , FPS etc } and even though limited compared to more evolved mirrorless systems like m43 they do still have native lenses covering from 18-810mm with VR { FF equiv AOV } , and a couple of fast primes including a fasty fity equiv and an F/1.2 portrait lens.

From a purely technological aspect I would suggest that the Nikon system was pretty good and those doubting that Nikon can make a serious mirrorless camera are kidding themselves. Whether or not they decide to do so is another question

As for EF-M lenses, do note how what they have is actually pretty well thought out. And affordable.

I think EF-M will quickly start replacing EF-S in the entry level segment and within few years will completely replace it.

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