Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: Is micro four thirds on its way out?

puttin wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

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Mikespirito wrote:

is micro 4/3 on its way out. Seeing as Crop sensor Mirrorless is on the rise

m43 is a crop sensor mirrorless. Your question makes no sense at all.


A crop sensor is one that still uses the lenses from the "original" sized sensor I.E. DX is a crop from FX.

M4/3 is not a crop as the lenses were designed for that size. Same with 1" sensors.

So, the m4/3 sensor with the native lenses is actually full frame.

The lens may cover the full size of the sensor, but that is a bit of a stretch since the term full frame is meaning the same size as 35mm film.

Actually, technically Allan Brown is correct.  Although the term “Full Frame” in some photography circles today is taken to mean the 24mm x 36mm digital sensor camera format, to many of us who grew up with film cameras it is only a recent slang which has become mainstream to describe that 24mm x 36mm format, and is really relevant only if that 24mm x 36mm sensor system is your “Reference” for smaller sensor cameras which can use the same lenses as the larger sensor.

For many years my main serious cameras (including some professional work) were 6x6cm, 6x7, and 6x9, and in the earliest years 4x5 inch, and even some dabbling with 8x10in.  I was also starting to use 135 film cameras (24x36mm frame size) for my personal and casual use, but I NEVER heard it referred to as “full frame”.  I lusted for an Olympus Pen for a while during that period — note that these were referred to as being “half-frame” 35mm (135) cameras but, again, in those days I never heard of a “full-frame” 35mm camera.

So, if a 24mm x 36mm is “full frame”, then what is a Hasselblad X1D?  OK, it is a “medium format” camera (but actually a cropped medium format camera compared to the original film format).

Yeah, I know that “full-frame” has pretty much gone mainstream to mean digital cameras with 24x36mm sensors.  Just call me Sour Grapes.

Still - “crop sensor” technically does mean the cameras which can use their bigger (original format) siblings’ lenses, though the image will be cropped compared to the larger sensor.  In terms of, say, a Canon 6D, a Canon 70D with an APS-C sensor is a “crop sensor”, and for EF lenses the 6D is “full-frame”, but really only w.r.t. the 6D sensor size as the reference.

And μ4/3 is its own format.  There are also some “cropped sensor” video cameras which use μ4/3 lenses.

This just shows the silliness of those that think full frame is something wonderful when all it means is the lenses were designed for the sensor size. It is marketing nonsense.

BTW, medium format is also full frame as is 8X10".

So, I take the above comment of "Crop sensor Mirrorless" to mean DX (APS-C) format.


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